HR Approach

HR Approach

Skilled manpower converting individual energy into corporate energy

With our Human Resources Policy, we aim to develop and implement improvement based, human resources systems with equal, fair practices which are respectful to diversities and ethical values and support high performance.

Our main principle is to develop and maintain a transparent and sustainable human resources approach which is open to change, uses its resources to be a global company, sensitive to occupational health and safety, compliant with quality standards, constantly improves its technology, and draws its strength from creativity of its employees.

Ulusoy Elektrik’s aim in human resources management is to be a model company which everyone wants and is proud to work with by adapting a contemporary human resources management approach in the industry we conduct activities. Our strategy to achieve the target is to conduct contemporary human resources programs based on success in cooperation with all departments of the company.

Ulusoy Elektrik;

  • Values its employees, shows respect to employee rights and protects confidentiality of private information and personal rights.
  • Adapts the rule for right candidate for suitable position by using qualification based interview method to ensure equal opportunity without discrimination through the recruitment process.
  • Cares about personal and occupational improvement of its employees. Ensures participation of employees to management by Management Review and Coordination meetings and Employee Suggestion System.
  • Implements fair wage policy, promotion and award policies based on performance assessment.
  • Job descriptions, Ethical Principles which are required to be complied by employees and other in-company regulations are identified and announced by company management.
  • Ensures safe working environment and conditions with all kinds of occupational safety measures for its employees.
  • Does not allow race, language, religion and gender based discrimination among employees, ensures protection against physical and emotional abuse within the company.
  • Respects right to freedom of expression to be legally used by employees.
  • Acts in accordance with Labor Law and International Labor Organization (ILO) agreements which Turkey is a party of in terms of child employment. Ensures that suppliers conform to said regulations.

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